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The issue that led to this initiative:-

Our major focus is on making our city aware of how small and local businesses suffered during the pandemic period, which lead to the unbearable downfall in their sales and revenue. Covid-19 stained every person’s life with the downfall in a way or another. We know as much we saw happening and majorly of what happened to us and our loved ones, but are unaware of what was happened to others. This includes the local stores and businesses of Udaipur.

Our Story, our Challenges:-

We would say Covid-19 was the beginning of our story! Or this journey. We are like a family here at D-shans, who came together after knowing how we all suffered during the lockdown. We came across that if we suffered like this, how would have others coped up with the situation and how much they have suffered? This thought crossed our mind and we came up with the idea of making shopping easier for our Udaipurites.

After the thought popped up we knew what we all had to do and we started implementing that idea of supporting local businesses and making shopping easier and safe staying home.

The major challenge we are facing is that people still somewhere trust the big box stores. But we won’t give up for the sake of our Udaipur and Udaipurites and keep on making them aware of our existence to influence their lives in a good way.

Our mission statements:-

  • Our Unique Principles:- We at D-shans believe in supporting local and small businesses of Udaipur, who suffered a drastic downfall during the lockdown, and the people who were unable to buy groceries even from their nearby stores. We are here now!! We’ll be the link between local shops and the customers in Udaipur.
  • Delivery Policy:- Our policy is only for Udaipurites to make the delivery happen within a day at their doorsteps. Shop anything from your nearby stores and get it delivered at your doorsteps.
  • Assistance to grow business:- We help any small store or local business to grow. All the assistance required is provided by our team.
  • Offers on special days:- We bring you the best offers on products you want to shop for.
  • Problem-solving within a day:- If for some reason any issue arises with any of the purchases. It will be solved within a day, as stores in your own city are easy to reach out to and refunds on any products are made easy.
  • Shop from trusted and familiar stores:- Big box stores made their customers believe they’ve got all the products at the best prices, but let us make you aware that small local stores are more trustworthy.
We want to be the online shopping site of Udaipur where each and every person can look up anything they want to buy and even be able to buy at our site in Udaipur itself and trust us and Udaipur’s local and small businesses. We want to make them believe in our morals and the awareness we are spreading among our community.

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Love where you live. #ShopLocal

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