• Suji (Bulk)1kg

    Wheat Suji Our Company are dareplaying a wide range of Wheat Suji It helps in making high energy and low fat delicacies The high quality hard wheat grain are dry processed into granular grains that make everything tastes good with thare Suji


    Suji (Bulk)1kg

  • Superme suji 500gm

    • Sooji Replacer is completely free from known allergens like wheat/gluten, soy, milk/lactose, egg, sugar, yeast, artificial colors, and preservatives
    • It contains no gluten, it is deemed as an excellent and preferred choice for persons suffering from gluten intolerance.
    • This product is extremely light on the digestive system and also contains naturally occurring potassium and Iron. Regular consumption of this Sooji will also benefit people with high blood pressure, diabetics, overweight people, autistic people

    Superme suji 500gm

  • Talod Instant Upma Mix Atta 500 gm

    • Upma is a light savory snack from Gujarat that is topped with mustard seeds. Also known as Upma.
    • A spicy and sour cake requires great skill to prepare even for the natives of western India where it originates
    • Repaired under clean condition, no artificial colors. Traditional Gujarati flavour, no artificial flavour.
    • If you are a real foodie and can’t resist trying any kind of Gujarati snacks, then you should definitely give upma a try. Without any doubt, it can be said that Upma tops the Gujarati snacks list.
    • These light weight snacks sit beautifully on a plate and are garnished with a good tempering of mustard seeds.
  • Seeds Khas-khas,1kg

    Brand SriSatymev
    Variety Poppy
    Form Seeds
    Units 1kg
    Diet Type Vegetarian

    Seeds Khas-khas,1kg

  • Fortune Suji 500gm

    Savoury or sweet, Fortune suji is your partner in indulgence. Its fairly coarse particles add a natural taste to your dishes. Make your favourite upma, Sheera or Kesari Bath and serve your loved ones. Upma is considered to be one of the healthiest breakfast. So Fortune Suji is an ideal option for and a key ingredient to your healthy breakfast.


    Fortune Suji 500gm


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