• Safal Frozen – Mixed Vegetables, 500 g Pouch

    You would love to make your mix sabzi from scratch, if only you had the luxury of time. The next best thing is: Vadilal Mixed Vegetables, 500 gm. Use these processed and cut mixed vegetables; with lesser time and effort. This pack consists of peas, cauliflower, carrots and beans. Cultivated from the green fields of north India, this product is processed with advanced technique that helps in preserving the natural nutrition and flavour.

  • Pani Puri , Golgappa (Oval Pappad) 250GM

    fried street food is no stranger to Indians and is considered to be one amongst the most consumed street foods in India. The puris are made with semolina which are fried crisp and eaten with a mixture of flavoured water, made with tamarind chutney,

    • Whole Wheat / atta dry gol gappa puri ready to fry – Quickly prepare fresh pani puri for any occassion at home. Make prefectly fluffy puffed round gol gappa balls with Hellys oval shaped instant fryum papads.
    • Cooking Instructions: Heat oil at approx 165-175 degree celcius. Add the Dry Pani Puri Papads to the oil, few at a time and stir well while gently pressing them.

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