Park Avenue Beer Shampoo for Oily Hair for Men, 200 ml

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  •   Aimed for oily hair
  •   Lather & cleans well
  •   Adds volume and shine to the hair
  •   Nourishes & controls hair-fall
  •   Made from real beer
  •   Beer-lookalike handy bottle with 200 ml content
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Key Features: Conditions and Nourishes Hair Made of Real Beer Gives Hair Luscious Bounce 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Give your hair the right kind of nourishment and you will never complain of hair problems that leave you feeling less confident and beautiful. With the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo you can now flaunt lustrous and voluminous hair and become the envy of all those around you. Made of real beer: The shampoo is made of real beer, a naturally nourishing ingredient that has gained fame for leaving hair shiny and soft. Beer seeps through your hair and leaves it feeling lighter yet ideally moisturized. Gives Hair a Lustrous Bounce 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner: Get the added benefits of a formula that brings a shampoo lined with conditioner to ensure your hair is healthy and strong. The shampoo adds bounce to your strands and a natural sheen so you flaunt silky and bouncy hair always. Conditions and Nourishes Hair: Beer acts as an active agent in softening your hair fibre through conditioning it so your fingers feel like they brush against silk every time you run your hand through your hair.

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